Shape, touch, size, and line of the breast will be just like real ones!

HD endoscopic
breast plastic surgery

For breast plastic surgery, feeling of touch like mine is as important as satisfactory size, volume and natural shape.
At Human Plastic Surgery, the type, size, surgery method, etc.
of the implant are customized to perform 1:1 customized surgery so that we can promise the natural and high-quality result.

  • Surgery time

    1 hour and 30 min

  • Anesthesia method

    General anesthesia

  • Hospitalized treatment

    General anesthesia

  • Suture removal

    Within seven days

  • Treatment at hospital clinic

    Two times

  • Recovery period

    One week


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Make the pretty breast like this!

Natural and pretty breasts can be made only by considering the golden ratio of individuals such as the
distance between both nipples, distance between the clavicle and nipple, etc.

Surgery subjects for breast plastic surgery

  • 01

    In case that small
    breasts are a concern.

  • 02

    In case that breasts that are
    larger than the current ones are desired.

  • 03

    In case that balanced
    breasts that fit the body shape.

  • 04

    In case that breasts have become small after
    diet, giving a birth,
    or breastfeeding.

  • 05

    In case that the size and shape of both breasts have big differences.

Breast plastic surgery method

Incision area

Incision area Armpit incision
Surgery time About one hour
Hospitalized treatment Unnecessary
Blood bag If necessary, one or two days depending on bleeding or swelling
Suture removal Removal at 7th day
Recovery period One month
Characteristics Since the surgery is performed along armpit creases, the scar can be hidden
By securing the view using Full HD endoscope in the armpit,
accurate desquamation and thorough arrest of bleeding are possible.
Incision area Lower chest line incision
Surgery time About 40 min
Hospitalized treatment Unnecessary
Blood bag Unnecessary
Suture removal None
Recovery period One month
Characteristics Since the breast surgery area and incision area are close to each other,
the recovery is fast, and since the surgical area is seen by the naked eyes,
the surgery time is short.

Implant insertion location

  • Below muscle

    Although it is a general method for small implant insertion,
    it is possible that enough stretching from the areola to the lower line might not occur.

  • Above muscle

    If the lower chest line is short, it is effective for hanging breasts, and if the areola points downward, it is effective for widened chest.
    For patients with little fat or large implants, it is possible that those implants might be visible as time goes.

  • Between muscle and fascia

    In patients for whom the above-the-muscle method is effective, if an implant is placed between muscle and fascia,
    adverse effects such as visible implant, etc. can be

  • Dual plane

    Although it is a general method for small implant insertion,
    it is possible that enough stretching from the areola to the lower line might not occur.

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For breast plastic surgery, choosing the implant and incision area must be decided after accurate diagnosis through consultation on individual breast shape, size, childbirth status, preferences, etc.
Choosing the type and size of the implant that fits your body shape will ensure the natural breast shape which has volume and is not artificial.

Implant for Implant for

Breast enlargement usingFull HD endoscope

We use the latest endoscope, 1588 AIM of STRYKER! First introduction ever among plastic surgery clinics!
Human Plastic Surgery performs breast plastic surgeries using Full HD endoscopic equipment while directly
looking at nerves and blood vessels of breast tissue so that the stability of the
breast plastic surgery is improved and adverse effects are minimized. Also, it brings the rapid recovery and excellent results.

No use of endoscope VS No use of endoscope
Desquamation is done based on feeling rather than directly looking at the surgery area. Desquamation Accurate desquamation is done by directly looking at the
surgery area with Full HD resolution.
There is a risk of blood vessel or nerve injury. Bleeding Minimizing blood vessel or nerve damage
Blood vessels are checked before bleeding occurs,
and rapid arrest of bleeding is possible.
There is a risk of capsular contracture caused by bleeding. Capsular contracture There is little risk of capsular contracture because of little bleeding.
Inaccurate desquamation might cause
the implant to rotate or move.
Move of implant Through accurate dual plane, rotation or move of the implant is prevented.

This is the reason that Human Plastic Surgery plans 1:1
customized and systematic breast plastic surgery.

Systematic breast plastic surgery plan

?�The ideal ratio that is in harmony with your body will be created!??/h4>

To create the ideal breast ratio, the current breast status such as the height, circumference,
lower line location, width of the chest, etc. must be assessed accurately.
The breast which really feels like yours can be created
only when all of shape, touch and line as well as mere size are considered.

The reasons why human chest plastic surgery is special!

  • 1

    Counseling, surgery, post-operative management, etc. are all treated by the senior director

  • 2

    Considering the chest shape and skin elasticity through the experience of the best chest surgery in Korea, the individual customized surgical method and prosthesis selection according to the shape and size desired by the patient.

  • 3

    A thorough pre-examination before general anesthesia and safe anesthesia and post-operative painless management by anesthesia pain specialist.

  • 4

    Detailed post-operative wound care with triple suture after surgery and complete follow-up care.

  • 5

    Pre-operative, post-operative treatment for minimizing capsular contracture (bleeding and minimization of seroma, use of anti-contracture drug)

  • 6

    STRYKER 1588 FullHD endoscope, first to be introduced to plastic surgery, and Ultra FullHD monitor.

  • 7

    Use of prosthetics that are approved by the FDA, European CE and KFDA (MENTOR, ALLERGAN, SEBBIN, EUROSILICONE, MOTIVA, BELLAGEL)

  • 8

    Describes the advantages and disadvantages of all the prosthetics, such as smoothness, texture, microtexture, water droplet, and nanotexture, and then recommends the most suitable prosthetic.

  • 9

    Microtexture prosthetic with good texture and low contracture, the best experience nationally

  • 10

    Unlimited follow-up care with a variety of state-of-the-art lasers regarding the post-operative incision scars (RevLight,, Quattro Fraxel, Sandrodual)

Advantages of breast plastic surgery of Human Plastic Surgery

Breast plastic surgery of Human Plastic Surgery that thinks about your safety first

  • that thinks about your safety first

    Through blood test, electrocardiogram, and chest X-Ray prior to surgery,
    whether performing a surgery is possible or there is any abnormality is confirmed in advance,
    and a surgery plan is made accordingly.

  • Safe anesthesia

    The anesthesia method and amount of the anesthetic drug are determined and performed by an anesthesiologist using 1:1 customized anesthesia,
    and the status of the patient during the surgery is confirmed in real time to assure the safety.

  • Intensive care of medical staff

    The medical staff in charge does periodic monitoring until the patient is discharged after the surgery so that
    pain and uncomfortable issues are confirmed and taken care of promptly.

  • Implementation of policy of full responsibility

    At Human Plastic Surgery, there is no surgery done by another doctor or shadow doctor, and Director Kook Hyun Kim is
    fully responsible for treatment including consultation, surgery and post-surgical management.

Post-management of breast plastic surgery

At Human Plastic Surgery, various post-management is provided for rapid recovery and swelling management after breast plastic surgery so that
you can go back to everyday life as soon as possible.

Swelling and bruise


  • LPL



Scar management