Small forehead and natural hairline!

Forehead reduction of Human Plastic Surgery

The long and wide forehead makes face look large and long so that the face might be looking old.
In this case, the hairline is moved downward through forehead reduction so that the
height of the forehead is shortened for an ideal ratio.

  • Surgery timeOne hour

  • Anesthesia methodLocal anesthesia/anesthesia under sedation

  • Local anesthesia/anesthesia under sedationUnnecessary

  • Suture removalSeven days later

  • Treatment at hospital clinicTwo times

  • Recovery periodOne week

What is the ideal length of the forehead?

The most ideal forehead length is about 1/3 of the face: 0.9~1 between the hairline and forehead 1,
between the eyebrow and nose tip, and 0.8~0.9 between the nose tip and chin tip.

Surgery subjects for forehead reduction

  • 01

    In case that the forehead is long

  • 02

    In case that the forehead is
    wide in overall

  • 03

    In case that the forehead is angled or
    has M shape or asymmetry

  • 04

    In case that hair transplantation is
    unnatural or
    its effect is little

  • 05

    In case that unnatural
    semi-permanent make-up is done

Forehead reduction method

In the forehead reduction that uses "hair follicle preservation procedure," an incision is made diagonally by considering the direction that hair grows when the hairline area is cut.
Therefore, there is little damage to hair roots and hair follicles, and hair grows over the incision area after surgery so that the scar does not become visible well.

hair follicle preservation procedure

  • 01

    hair follicle preservation procedure
    individual hairlines

  • 02

    Making an incision on the
    forehead skin based on the design

  • 03

    Desquamation of
    scalp for the required scope

  • 04

    Endotine, a fixing device,
    is fixed to periosteum

  • 05

    Scalp is fixed to Endotine by
    pulling it downward

  • 06

    Incision area is sutured
    triply and completed

Forehead reduction is a procedure that pulls the scalp downward so that the elasticity of the scalp skin determines the reduction range.
By having the reducible scalp range and customized hairline design, the natural results can be obtained.
If it is reduced too much, adverse effects such as unnatural skin and lengthened skin can occur!

This is the reason that 1:1 customized and systematic forehead reduction is planned at Human Plastic Surgery.

Systematic forehead reduction plan

“Length and forehead line at the same time!”

For forehead reduction, reducing the length of forehead is not the only important thing to do.
By designing hairline that fits individual facial contour, making ideal ratio and shape is important.

If just the forehead length is shortened when hairline correction is necessary for asymmetry forehead, angled forehead, etc.,
it can rather bring stuffy and unnatural results so that the length and forehead line should be corrected at the same time.

What is Endotine that is used in
forehead reduction?

The reduced scalp is fixed using Endotine, specially devised fixing device, to maintain the reduced forehead shape and decrease the pulling pain.
Endotine is absorbed into the body, foreign body sensation is little, and adverse effects such as inflammation, scar widening, etc. are minimized.

  • Reduction of surgery time

    The surgery time can be reduced by
    about 30 min to one hour
    using Endotine.

  • Expansion of surgery scope

    Forehead reduction scope can be increased by
    about 0.3~0.5 cm
    using Endotine to have a larger effect.

  • Strong fixation power

    Since the scalp is fixed strongly after surgery,
    the wide surgery area can be
    engrafted safely.

  • Minimization of scar

    Since the pulled scalp is strongly fixed one more time
    before suture, the widening of the
    scar is prevented.

  • No foreign body sensation

    It will be absorbed into the body naturally after six months,
    and there is no foreign
    body sensation.

  • Safety accreditation

    The products have been accredited by the FDA and KFDA,
    and their safety is proven through years of

Forehead reduction advantages of Human Plastic Surgery

Forehead reduction effects

  • Reduction of forehead length right after surgery
  • Effect of face looking small
  • Looking young with the small and round forehead
  • Possible to have various hairstyles
  • Permanent effect without recurrence or scar widening