Facial contour of Human Plastic Surgery that considers the length and bilateral symmetry of face!

Facial contour of Human Plastic Surgery


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Facial contour system of Human Plastic Surgery

We make the face shape that is closest to the ideal face ratio. To make the face shape that fits you most, the ratio must be carefully considered.
By considering the part that needs to be reduced, lengthened or volumized in the current facial ratio,
the face shape should be changed with the most appropriate surgery and design.

Types of facial contour

  • Cheek bone reduction

    Endoscopic quick cheek bone procedure, dual cheek bone procedure In case that lateral cheek bone is developed, endoscopic quick cheek bone procedure can be performed, and in case that both lateral cheek bone and 45-degree cheek bone are developed, dual cheek bone procedure can be performed
    to reduce the wide and developed cheek bone in the central part of the face so that slim and soft impression can be created.

  • Square jaw reduction

    Mandibular angle (angle below ear) reduction, Long curve
    (area between lower ear and lower part of mouth corner) reduction
    It removes fat and muscle appropriately as well as simply removing wide squared and wide jaw so that smooth and slim jawline is created without producing the second angle by polishing the remaining bone.

  • Chin surgery

    Chin reduction, advance genioplasty, backward genioplasty, T osteotomy By choosing a surgery method that is appropriate for the chin shape and length,
    bone is cut and fixed safely using titanium plates.

  • V line surgery

    It creates a small and slim face shape having V line by operating on square jaw and chin at the same time.

Endoscopic quick cheek bone of Human Plastic Surgery

Minimization of cheek sagging, and rapid recovery! Endoscopic quick cheek bone procedure is a procedure that resects the anterior cheek bone partially as
if drawing a line without resecting completely and pushes it inward, and desquamation of cheek bone
area is less and rapid recovery is possible while creating a small and slim face without worrying about cheek sagging.

  • Step

    1:1 맞춤 디자인 수술전 대표 원장의 정확한
    진단과 CT촬영으로 절골이
    필요한 돌출된 부위에
    정확한 디자인

  • Step

    두피절개 수면마취 하에 귀 윗부분
    두피에 2.5cm 정도의 절개를 가하고 내시경 카메라를 삽입

  • Step

    광대뼈 절골 절골 시킬 광대뼈 부위만을
    최소 박리한 후 광대 앞쪽
    몸체는 부분 절골하고 귀 앞쪽의 광대 뒷부분은 완전 절골

  • Step

    뼈 밀어넣기 절골된 광대뼈를 밀어 넣어주고
    화면을 통해 들어간 정도와
    뼈의 고정상태를 확인

  • Step

    봉합 후 마무리 두피절개 부위를 봉합하고
    수술을 마무리

Characteristics of endoscopic quick cheek bone procedure

  • No separate fixing
    device is necessary.
  • There is no foreign body sensation
    and not exposed in X-Ray.
  • There is no concern of cheek sagging
    because of small desquamation area.
  • There are few adverse effects by maintaining
    the safety of bone without fixing devices

Dual cheek reduction advantages

  • Sophisticated procedure and secure fixation There’s less to worry about nonunion and sagging with the human dual cheek reduction.
    The secure fixation with titanium fixation minimizes the possibility of nonunion, minimizes
    exfoliation and improves the accuracy of the procedure, significantly reducing the
    likelihood of sagging.

  • 360 degrees natural facial line Human dual cheek reduction has a large reduction effect on both the cheek from 45
    degrees angle and the side cheek.
    It is also possible to adjust the degree of reduction and correct the facial asymmetry.

#Recurrence prevention using titanium fixation device #Adjustable reduction level #Possible to correct facial asymmetry #Reduction possible on both the side cheek and the cheek from 45 degrees angle #Minimum exfoliation to minimize cheek sagging 1

Square jaw reduction of Human Plastic Surgery

Know-how of Human Plastic Surgery for front view effect!

  • Square jaw reduction below the ears (regular)

  • Long curve square jaw reduction

Regular square jaw reduction VS Human square jaw reduction
Possible secondary angles due to resection of only the angular jaw below the ears Bone resection Smooth jawline without secondary angles, since resection is done in a long curve from the angle below the ears to near the frontal jaw
None Cortical bone resection Increased frontal effect by resecting the external cortical bone of the bone
None Muscle and fat removal Removes enough muscle and fat to prevent skin sagging and increase the slimming effect
Only removes the square jaw below the ears without considering the ratio and the jawline Procedure method Detailed diagnosis through 3D-CT, procedure that considers both the ratio and the jawline
Frontal effect is difficult to perceive due to the effect of side reduction Procedure effect Small and slender face with the definite changes to the front and the sides

1. Corticectomy+Masseter muscle reduction

In case that the mandibular angle area is developed and face width is wide, if only the mandibular angle
is removed, the lateral face line can be soft and slim after surgery, but the front view of the face would not look slim much.
This procedure creates soft jawline by resecting the mandibular angle while maintaining the soft angle, makes the outermost layer of the bone thin (corticectomy), and reduces the muscle (masseter muscle reduction).
Since the thickness of bone and jaw muscle is reduced simultaneously, the width of the jaw in the front view is reduced so that the face would look smaller.

  • Cortical bone resection Bone’s thickness is reduced by partially resecting the cortical bone, which is the external part of the bone, for the frontal effect.

  • Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery Developed muscle and fat are reduced to reduce the space between the bone and the skin, creating a slimmer jawline.

2. Long curved square jaw reduction

Through the long curved square jaw reduction, hemicortical resection, and masseter muscle reduction
that reduce from the angle below ear to mandible body, smooth and soft jawline up to the part below
the mouth corner can be created without worrying about the second angle, and the face reduction
effect at the front view is excellent.

  • If the volume of lower jaw is big, you are likely to look aged

  • If the volume of the lower jaw body is reduced! You will look younger

Chin surgery of Human Plastic Surgery

Front view is V line, and lateral view is soft S line

  • 3~4mm behind the vertical line

  • Center face:Lower jaw face = 1:0.8 ratio

  • S line with an elegant lower part below the lower lip

  • Chin that forms the V line

Chin surgery that completes the face length and jawline must be determined by surgery method according to the chin shape.
T osteotomy that polishes the length and shape of chin at one time can be applied variously to long jaw, small jaw, wide jaw, etc.
T osteotomy can improve the chin shape by removing unnecessary bone by resecting the chin with T shape.

#Possible to improve various chin shapes #There is a low chance of nerve damage or having adverse effects. #Slim V line effect #Short surgery, rapid recovery#Short surgery, rapid recovery

Comprehensive diagnosis of Human Plastic Surgery facial contour

High-tech 3D-CT for comprehensive diagnosis

The form and shape of facial bones, location of nerves, etc. can be analyzed comprehensively through CT imaging.
By knowing the bone structure, location of nerve line, etc., tissue damage and adverse effects are
prevented, and accurate surgeries for individuals are performed.