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Lifting of Human Plastic Surgery


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Lifting system of Human Plastic Surgery

For lifting of Human Plastic Surgery, the optimal lifting method is determined by analyzing skin aging and sagging.
Effective improvement is possible through applying detailed lifting design and
procedure method in consideration of various causes such as age, skin wrinkles, elasticity, sagging, etc.

  • 01 Thread lifting

    absorbable thread

  • By inserting lifting thread to skin,
    it improves sagging, elasticity and wrinkles of skin.

  • 02 Forehead lift

    This procedure improves sagging and wrinkles of
    forehead, eyebrow and eyelid at one time.

  • 03 Face lift

    This procedure pulls SMAS,
    which is a cause of aging, and skin at the same time.

Thread lifting of Human Plastic Surgery

Types of thread lifting and maintenance period

1.Absorbable thread

Absorbable thread lifting is a procedure that improves skin elasticity and promotes slim face shape and wrinkle
improvement by injecting lifting thread to skin. It is a nonsurgical procedure that tread is injected by a syringe
without making an incision, only after applying local anesthesia or anesthetic ointment. PDO which is an
absorbable thread whose safety is proved in the human body is used, and there are many types of PDO depending
on its thickness, shape, bump status, etc. Human Plastic Surgery has various types of PDO so that customized
application is possible. Pulling effect of thread lifting becomes weaker about one year later, and for such cases, an
additional procedure can maintain the pulling effect.


Elasticum is strong special lifting band developed by Dr. Sergio Capurro, an Italian plastic surgeon, and its safety for human
body and lifting effect are proven. Unlike the preexisting thread lifting that improves the skin elasticity, this band
lifts muscle and skin tissue strongly by replacing the preexisting tendon through having the same tensile strength
and elasticity function of the natural tendon lifting. The effect of the preexisting thread lifting lasts from a few
months to one year, but the effect of Elasticum lasts for more than three years and up to 5 years.

Forehead lift of Human Plastic Surgery

Forehead lift is a procedure that improves face that looks old because of sagging of forehead, eyebrow or eyelid.
Endoscopic forehead lift removes wrinkles of glabella and eyelid as well as those of forehead so that volumized
forehead can be obtained, and since pupils are more frequently exposed, vision is improved. Therefore, it is killing three birds with one stone.
For endoscpic forehead lift, a small camera inserted to skin to see internal tissues well with a monitor, and it enables accurate and safe surgery.

Face lift of Human Plastic Surgery

In case that nasolabial fold and skin sagging are severe, face lift can be performed, and it is a procedure that pulls
SMAS layer in the skin and removes sagging and wrinkled skin by making an incision around an ear not to be
seen well. SMAS is a layer that covers the area between subcutaneous fat and facial muscle and a mainly
responsible tissue for sagging skin and face. When performing face lift, it is important to pull skin and SMAS at
the same time, and SMAS needs to be pulled harder than skin to have natural and long-lasting effect.